Top Historical Sites You Must Visit In Rwanda

Rwanda has made remarkable progress since the 1994 genocide but it’s important for both Rwandans and visitors alike to learn about what happened and remember the victims hence the country has preserved the historical sites.

Rwanda is blessed with amazing natural and heritage tourist attractions that have drawn visitors to the country to experience the real African adventure. We have therefore summarised the top historical sites to visit while on your trip to learn more about the history of our country, and this include the following.

Below is a list of top attractions not to miss while in Rwanda.

1. Kigali Genocide Memorial  Centre 

It is true that the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre  is not known for its overt beauty; it is a plain, modern building surrounded by gardens, and, marking the site of one of the largest massacres, there sits a concrete mass of graves and skulls. However, this is a significant and heart-rending site which should not be missed. The exhibition here is both shocking and thought provoking, and attempts to piece together the causes and events of the three-month genocide which destroyed Rwanda in 1994. Thousands of first-hand accounts are documented, and personal film footage and photography is showcased, illustrating the collection of events in a simple and striking way. 99.9% of the Rwandan population were affected by the horrific violence of the genocide, a dark past which makes the present friendliness and goodwill of the country’s locals all the more inspiring.

2. Murambi Memorial Centre

The memorial center is approximately 145km from Kigali capital city located in Nyamagaba District in the south province. The Centre has a massive grave for approximately 45000 victims that were killed during the genocide. Many Tutsi natives fled to nearby churches for their lives and others proceed to Murambi although some did not succeed.

3. Bisesero Memorial Site

This memorial site is located in the western province in Karongi district and is approximately 31km from the famous Kibuye town. Many visitors with routing via Kibuye and Nyungwe forest prefer to stop at Bisesero Memorial site. Many of natives in Bisesero were Tutsis and majorly cattle keeper, these people did their best to build resistance against the Intarahamwe militias but they failed since they were not armed. Since the site is located on a rocky slope, many of the natives used rocks to attack the militias but they were defeated. Currently it said the site has a grave of over 50,000 Tutsis almost the whole population that was living on the hill, only a few escaped.

4. Ntarama Memorial Site

The site is beautifully covered by red bricks and surrounded by acacia trees which are extremely eye catching to every visitor who comes to the site. Ntarama Memorial site is approximately an hour drive from Kigali capital city. At Ntarama Memorial site is where most of the brutal killings of the genocide took place. Many of the people in this area ran to the nearby church for refugee but later the Intarahamwe Militias broke into the church and brutally killed everyone. There is a lot of pain and grief that comes through when we talk about the memorial sites.

5. Nyamata Memorial Site

The memorial is based around a former church which is about 30 km (19 mi) south of Kigali in Rwanda, which commemorates the Rwandan genocide in 1994. This memorial centre is one of six in Rwanda that commemorate the Rwanda Genocide. The others are the Murambi Memorial Centre, Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre and Ntarama Genocide Memorial Centre and others at Kigali and Nyarubuye

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