Accommodation Rwanda-Self Drive Safaris Kigali

Are you a budget or luxury traveler transferring to Rwanda Kigali for your Holiday Vacation, book and hire a car with Izere Safaris to transport you to any destination as well as hotel of your taste and preferences to experience comfort and relaxation to the fullest. Below are the Accommodation types we have in Rwanda for all kinds of travelers.

Hotel Des Milles Collines

Transfer to Rwanda’s safari destinations while on holiday vacation as you stay in the prominent Mille Collines Hotel.

Chez Lando Hotel

Book a room at Chezlando Hotel to enjoy your stay at the cozy, beautiful hotel Chez Lando to enjoy Kigali

Golf Hills Residence

Suitably located in a very convenient place in Rwanda, the hotel offers exceptional services to all travelers.

Aberdeen House

Looking for comfortable cozy accommodation that is affordable in Rwanda, book a room at Aberdeen House.