Gorilla Trekking Safaris – Rwanda Safari Tours

Rwanda also referred to as the country of thousand hills has numerous destinations where travelers around the world can transfer to have exceptional holiday experiences and these vary according to the traveler’s tastes and preference. for those interested in Gorilla Tracking can proceed to Volcanoes National Park to enjoy the best encounters of these creatures, chimpanzee tracking can transfer to Nyungwe Forest National Park to experience the best, wildlife safaris can transfer to Akagera National park and relaxation ventures can proceed to the beautiful Gisenyi town so as to relax at the beaches that are located here along the sandy shores of Lake Kivu. Others can opt to go for a city tour around the beautiful structures in the city as well as visit the remarkable legendary National Museums as well as Genocide memorials to learn about the tragic Genocide in which many Rwandans lost their lives.

Volcanoes National Park

Trek the Gorillas of Rwanda while on vacation holiday at Volcanoes National Park to enjoy the best of the Apes.

Nyungwe National Park

Track the Chimpanzees of Nyungwe Forest while on primate Safaris in Rwanda for the best.

Akagera National Park

Planning a wildllife safari tour to Rwanda, book a trip to Akagera National park to see elephants, lions...

Dian Fossey Tomb

Explore the remarkable legendary Dian Fossey graves while on vacation in Rwanda to learn about Dian.

Genocide Memorials

Discover and learn about the tragic genocide period when many Rwandans lost their loved ones after being massacred.

Kwita Izina Ceremony

Transfer to Rwanda while on vacation and involve in the naming of young Gorillas an experience that is so amazing and remarkable.

Gishwati Forest Rwanda

Explore this untouched virgin forest in Rwanda to learn more about its existence and relevance to the Rwandans and other people.

Ndaba Rock in Rwanda

Visit the remarkable historical places in Rwanda and learn about the facts behind their natural existence since the years till to date .